Easiest Way to Buy PS4 Games From PlayStation Store In Nigeria

PlayStation store

When I got my PlayStation 4, I tried to buy a few games from local stores and the prices were just too outrageous compared to their prices online. I also learnt that I need to have some games installed on my console if I like the idea of staying at my comfort zone(not standing up to change discs) while switching between games.

Nigeria is part of the unsupported countries and hence,  it’s hard to buy games from the PlayStation store with my credit card. While searching for a solution, I ran into different tutorials that involved buying a card on amazon etc. I don’t like stress, hence, I tried another method I’ll be sharing with you shortly, and it worked smoothly.

Create A US PlayStation Network Account

If while setting up your console, you selected United States as it’s region, you can simply create a PSN account from your console itself. This will save you the stress of involving VPN.

However, if you selected another region, kindly connect to a US vpn server and register for a PSN account here.

Don’t forget to select United States as your region. You can google US address to get the street address, city, state and zip code.

Getting a Dollar Credit Card

I’ve published a tutorial on how to get a dollar credit card that works on most international website. You can check it out here.

Linking your Credit Card to your PSN account

Login into your PSN account and go to the Accounts tab. Click the Wallet tab and click Add Credit Card.

Buy PS4 Games from PlayStation Store in Nigeria

Fill in your credit card and billing information and click Save.

Buy PS4 Games in Nigeria Shycoder

You’ll get a success message and and an email confirming the linking was successful.

Funding your PSN account wallet.

From the wallet page, click Add Funds to Wallet and select the credit card you just added.

Buy PS4 Games in Nigeria Shycoder

Choose a funding amount and click Continue.

Buy PS4 Games in Nigeria Shycoder

Click Yes, I agree. Add Funds to my wallet

Buy PS4 Games in Nigeria Shycoder

Once you go through the above steps, you’ll receive a success message on the page and in your mail.

Now you can go to the PlayStation store and buy any game/games of your choice.


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