How to Create a Virtual (Dollar) Credit Card That Works on Most International Websites in Nigeria

Virtual Credit Card in Nigeria

In this post, I’ll be showing you how to create a working virtual credit card in Nigeria. I’ve personally confirmed the card works on PlayStation Store and other international websites like PayPal, Netflix etc. is an online payment platform that allows you to send money, pay your bills and most importantly, create a dollar credit card.

Virtual Credit Card in Nigeria

Creating an Account

Click on the Sign up button at the top and fill in your details on the next page. You’d be asked to confirm your mobile number and link your bvn after registration.

Creating a Dollar Card

The platform charges $5 for dollar card creation, your minimum balance is $1, and your minimum top-up amount for dollar card creation is $10. This means you’ll be needing a total of $16.

On your dashboard, click Fund Wallet button and follow the on screen prompts to fund your wallet with the needed amount. 

After funding your wallet, click the Dollar Card tab. Type the amount you’re funding your dollar card with, and create the card.

Virtual Credit Card in Nigeira

After a successful card creation, you can go to the dollar card tab anytime you need your card details to make a payment.

The card comes with it’s own billing information so you don’t need to worry about googling one anymore.

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