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A Quick Intro:


My name is Doyin Faith Kasumu and I’m a Shy Loner that codes. Breaking it down, I’m a Frontend designer, Web developer and a part-time Writer. I’m passionate about programming and writing, and in a bid to become a good writer, I created shycoder.com to help me write more.

This blog is the repository of my thoughts on topics I find interesting.

When trying to come up with a name for this blog, I realized I’m not  just a coder who is shy, I am a loner also. So I decided to reflect the two names in my logo, and I bought the two domain names: shycoder.com and shyloner.com

Though I love the two names, it’s nice to keep in mind that ShyCoder is my favorite and my primary name. And also, all my blog contents is accessible via the two URLs.


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