Sorry. No Sorry Please.

Over time, I’ve grown to really dislike hearing anyone say “I’m Sorry” to me. I mean, isn’t it annoying when someone is “doing” what you don’t like, and they tell you they are sorry? I’m always like wtf? stop what you’re doing that I don’t like, don’t tell me sorry!

Based on the experiences I’ve had, sorry doesn’t fix anything; it can only ease you of a particular feeling, but it doesn’t fix what caused the feeling or what the feeling causes nor undo it. This is exactly why I feel it’s absolutely pointless.

It’s okay to sympathize with it

I don’t have a problem with the phrase when you try to sympathize with it, apologizing with it is what I’ve grown to dislike. Like you want to tell me you didn’t know what you wanted to do would have side effects? If you didn’t know, did you think of the possible disadvantages that come with what you wanted to do? If not, why?

Don’t tell me sorry, be better.

Some people would still tell me “I’m sorry I’m disturbing you”. Why tell me you’re sorry? Why not just STOP disturbing me? If you care that much to say sorry, why not stop?

I hate hearing it more when I know some people are saying it for the sake of saying it, and not because they care. This is why often, the best company, the best friend you can have, is yourself.

Despite my hatred for this phrase, I expect you to say it sometimes, and mean it also; and I really can’t tell when I’d be okay with you saying it.

By Itiel

A full-stack developer and an entrepreneur.