8 Things You Should Know About Me If You’re Interested


I stopped getting really close to anyone. They just start believing they know me more than I know myself, and most times, it turns out that they don’t even know me at all.


I’m a very complicated person, and I’m moving towards a stage where I believe I’m impossible to truly understand. Sometimes, I don’t even understand myself.


I don’t like it when someone tries to help me with my problem without understanding the problem and sometimes it causes first. I used to tell them this in my mind “Okay. Sit down first, calm down, sit down. What do you want to solve? You don’t know.”


Once I notice you’re being biased in any way, especially when I present an issue to you, I dislike you really quickly. I dislike biased and not straight-forward people.


I may have anger issues, I may not. One thing is certain, I have little tolerance for absolute stupidity.


I don’t hold on to people for long. For example, if I lived in a place or attended a school, when I leave or when we all depart, I believe that should be the end of it. I believe we should all move on to new people, new things. I don’t believe in those reunion stuff. We might not necessarily stop communicating, but space should be there.


I’ve grown to really dislike people giving me their opinion about something regarding me when I didn’t ask for it. I believe courtesy demands you ask me if you can make comments or correctionsI built a ship, I told you about it so you know. You tell me next time I’m building a ship, I should fix this and that. As much as you may be right, and it’s good of you, you just need to understand I didn’t ask for it. If I wanted it, I would have told you something like this “Hey! I built a ship. Please check it out and tell me what you think”. 


I don’t like to be misunderstood.


By Itiel

A full-stack developer and an entrepreneur.