Thoughts on the Afterlife

What if the afterlife is far better than this life and that’s why when people die, you don’t know what really happen to them? Because if you know the afterlife is better than here, so many people might want to die too.

One thing I know is if I create two habitats for robots to live in; I wouldn’t want the robots I created to learn to survive irrespective of unpleasing factors, to know there is a better habitat. I don’t think this will encourage them to try to survive. Hence, I’ll leave the afterlife a mystery.

Let’s assume the afterlife isn’t better and horrible things happen to dead people. It wouldn’t be bad to make lots of robots(so it’s believable) see the experience of other robots in the afterlife habitat so other robots won’t want to die, and also try to live a better life too.

What if the afterlife isn’t even real at all, hence the uncertainties? Like when people die, that’s just the end. They dissolve into nothing.

What if, what if?

By Itiel

A full-stack developer and an entrepreneur.