The Noise


“I hate the noise. But it’s silent right now, here, though not there.”

“I’m not there. And right now, I don’t like it here.”

That’s where your focus should be, not these.

“It feels like I can’t do this”

But you know you can, it’s just really.. I don’t have the word.

[But can you let him be though? You seem calm, but you’re causing more harm.
Hot, pains, the aches, suffocated, hard to catch his breath. Can you be silent? He truly doesn’t like the noise]

But I am him and he is me.

“It’s really hot.”

“I don’t know what to do”

But you seem like you do.

Or not.

So what do you want?

“To be safe”

“To not feel pains”

“To not feel the pains”

“To live”

But what does it mean “To live”?

“And to know what it means to live.”

By Ade

A full-stack developer and an entrepreneur.